(AKA Robison Contracting Inc)

RCI is a construction firm focused on building America’s infrastructure. Our humble beginnings started with basic civil construction. Through hard work, humility, and a never-ending desire for excellence, RCI developed a talent pool of dedicated professionals in both the civil and electrical trades. Our ever-growing client base includes equipment suppliers, residential and commercial property owners, utility service providers, and utility owners.

The value delivered to our clients is derived from the culture and craftsmanship developed at RCI through internalizing our core values. RCI’s core values are evident in our programs and operational norms. RCI’s core values will ensure we deliver our clients responsive, quality services providing long-term value to the client. 

RCI Construction Who We Are

RCI is dedicated to achieving safety excellence by promoting a culture that effectively identifies and manages risk through recognition, evaluation, education, and action.  Safety is at the core of RCI’s values, and our employees are our greatest asset, and our continued goal is providing a safe solution for our employees to care and return to their families each and every day. RCI provides the highest level of quality and productive to its customers for guaranteed satisfaction. We believe in being honest and honoring our commitments to the fullest, let RCI be your ultimate service provider.

RCI is constantly pursuing mentors to ensure we attain our intended goals. One individual who had passed before either of the founders had even been born made a particularly profound impact on them. When explaining what it takes to be number one, Vince Lombardy famously stated, “winning isn’t a sometime thing, it an all the time thing”. At RCI, we believe Safety and Operational Excellence are synonymous with winning. Just like winning, you are not safe, and you do not achieve operational excellence every once in a while. It is a continuous and never-ending pursuit. RCI has documented our core behaviors and philosophies critical to maintaining our Safety and Operational culture in our RCI 360 Program. 

RCI Core Values

Hard Work

We work diligently for our success


No task is beneath me

Servent Mindset

Evaluate yourself by elevating others


Own your mistakes and make them right


Treat every project and every dollar like your own

RCI Core Values

Core Values 1