(AKA Robison Contracting Inc)

Robison Contracting Incorporated (RCI) was founded early in 2011 starting out as a general handyman, excavating & landscaping company. As the enterprise matured, RCI moved into performing complete civil construction from lot clearing, grubbing, grading, concrete and foundation work.

RCI is dedicated to achieving safety excellence by promoting a culture that effectively identifies and manages risk through recognition, evaluation, education, and action.  Safety is at the core of RCI’s values, and our employees are our greatest asset, and our continued goal is providing a safe solution for our employees to care and return to their families each and every day. RCI provides the highest level of quality and productive to its customers for guaranteed satisfaction. We believe in being honest and honoring our commitments to the fullest, let RCI be your ultimate service provider.

In mid 2018, RCI partnered with others  to perform the civil portion of their substation projects throughout the Carolinas.

The company’s growth plan is to mature three divisions: Civil Construction, Electrical Construction & Maintenance, and Trucking and Hauling. Each being a complement and stand-alone division to the others.