• Site Development – Clearing, Grubbing, SPCC, Rough and Final Grading
    • Mulching and Grinding of brush, stumps and debris.
  • Erosion Control, Drainage and Environmental Remediation.
  • Concrete Installation to include Flat Work (Walkways, foundations, slabs, and driveways, including stamped features if desired) and Piers & Curbing.
  • Asphalt Placement including base installation, and marking.
  • Demolition


  • Solar, (PV) System and Energy Storage construction, maintenance, and decommissioning.
  • Electrical Equipment Wiring and Testing (Breakers, Switches, Regulators, XFMR)
  • Residential and Commercial system installation and maintenance.
  • Battery Installation and Testing
  • Substation Cable Trench and Cable Installation
  • Substation Automation, Integration and Communications
  • Extensive Experience performing work on 44 kV, 100 kV, 230 kV and 525 kV Transmission Systems
  • Experience performing work in conjunction with Distribution Delivery Points into Transmission Substation or Tie Points.
  • Control House Installation – Turn Key
    • Assembly, Gutters, Stairs, Trim and Stand & Seam Roof
    • Internal House Wiring
    • House Penetrations
  • Control Panel Install and Wiring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Warranty Work
  • Fire and Hydrogen Alarm Install and Testing
Dismantling Solar Array_RCI Construction_4
Dismantling Solar Array_RCI Construction_2


Energy Storage System Construction & Maintenance



Residential and Commercial Electrical Installation and Maintenance


Solar (PV) Construction & Maintenance 



Site Development



Custom Concrete Placement



Clearing and Mulching



Commercial Development



Residential Development


Public Utility – Licensed GC